A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree is an undergraduate professional degree which prepare students for teaching in schools. The department of education was established in the year 2007 with the aim to provides academic excellence in education. Teaching profession is considered as the most prestigious and respectable jib in the society Teachers play a vital role in a student ‘ life and quality of teachers is one of education is to modify the department of education offers bachelors (B.Ed) degree to generate to generate competent teachers thus leading to the educational processINFRASTRUCTU

                                                              INFRASTRUCTURE & FACILITIES 

The  college campus at Mahanadda , Nagpur Raod Jabalpur  is spread over an area of over 5.36 acres   which includes 5574 sq metres of built up area & 16238 sqmtr  of open space for garden and sports facilities. The teaching- learning process is facilitated in 04 class rooms, 02 tutorial rooms, two specialized laboratories, one  computer centres with high speed Internet connectivity, a seminar room, a multi purpose hall  fully automated library.


The Library is well-stocked and fully-computerized. It has around 5354  books covering almost all aspects of Education . It regularly subscribes to about 18 Periodicals and Journals including  05 daily newspapers and 10 magzines  in Hindi and English. Internet and on line library  facility is also available.The Library has a “Book Bank” consisting of core texts books, which are issued to deserving students for the whole academic year.. The library has comfortable Reading Room with  a seating capacity of 50 students . It extends its current awareness services by providing newspapers/ magazines in the Staff Room and the Students’ Common Room.The library remains open from 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m on all working days. It remains closed on Sundays and other gazetted holidays.

Computer Labs – There are seven  labs in the college with 300 terminals and Internet facilities for the students and teachers. These labs are also equipped with teaching aids such as LCD Projectors and Scanners. The College wants all its students to be conversant with modern learning aids. The entire college campus is Wi-Fi enabled.


The Psychology Laboratory is well equipped with different types of apparatus for conducting experiments,  A range of psychological tests is also available in the laboratory, for example, personality tests, intelligence tests, aptitude tests, attitude and value scales etc. There is also a proposal to provide a second psychology laboratory in the near future.

The Art & Craft Room-  It  provides practical knowledge about general art and craft idea and making of various crafts viz. spin painting, stain glass bunting, body tracing and painting, 3D paintings, puppet making from waste materials, play dough ideas, leaf printing fabric etc. The students also actively take part in preparation of decoration materials during conferences, seminars and fests.

The Music Room is equipped with a variety of instruments to facilitate the students in their practical work and hence equip them with skills of better co-ordination with different instruments. The students learn Hindustani vocal music and get a chance to perform at various college and inter-college functions

The Sports facilities in the college include a large playground. Intensive training is imparted under expert guidance. Each year, students of  College achieve notable distinctions, and many of them are selected for All India Inter- University and National tournaments. Facilities are provided for Athletics, Hockey, Table- Tennis, Volley Ball, Kabaddi .

Seminar Hall : This facility can accommodate up to 100 students and is frequently used for seminars, talks and lectures by external professionals. It has an LCD projector and is also used for display the informatics  film shows by  the college.

Canteen: The canteen is the hub of out-of-class discussions and exchange of information. It provides snacks, drinks and lunch at subsidized rates.


The College has a separate, Roofed parking facility for vehicles at designated place is available in college campus area. This facility is available for both students and staff members. A capacity of approximately 400 , 2-wheeler vehicles at time can be parked is parking slots available in campus area. There is provision of parking of approximately 100, 4-wheeler vehicles in campus area.


Medical Facilities: There is a Medical Room in the College which provides first aid. An Allopathic doctor is available for consultation, An Ayurvedic doctor and Homoeopathic doctor visits time to time .

Counseling  Services: The College provides Counseling services to students, throughout the academic session. An expert counselor  is available for consultation
Students’ Information Bulletin Board displays information regarding co-curricular activities taking place in the College and other educational institutions. The Board also displays important notices and students are required to keep themselves up to date on College affairs.

Identity Card: Every student of the College will be provided with an Identity Card after her admission has been confirmed. This Card should always remain in her possession and should be produced as and when asked for. In case of its loss, the student will be required to get a duplicate .



Dr Sudha Dwivedi      HEAD 




Students Detail

First Year- Session  2018-19 

S.No. Student Name DOB (DD/MM/YYYY) Father Name Mother Name
1 Aabha Thakur 17/03/1996 Mr.Godhan Singh Thakur Mr.Godhan Singh Thakur
2 Abhinandita Soni 04/02/1993 Mr.Santosh ku. Soni Mrs.Sangeeta Soni
3 Abhishek Pathak 18/11/1982 Mr.V.K.Pathak Mrs Mitali pathak
4 Aishwarya Siddana 01/02/1994 Mr.Rajesh siddana Mrs.Bhawana 
5 Anamika Jain 02/03/1993 Mlate Ajay kumar jain Mrs.Malti jain
6 Anjana Soni 04/07/1993 Mr.Santosh soni Mrs.chandrakali soni
7 Ankita Lakhera 29/03/1994 Mr.Shiv kumar lakhera Mrs.Archana lakhera
8 Anshika Kaur Ghuldu 20/12/1994 Mr.Rakesh mongia Mrs.Sandhya mongia
9 Ashita Anand 16/10/1984 Mr.Suresh ku. Anand Mrs.Vijaya Anand
10 Bhagchand patel 04/03/1997 Mr.Prakash patel Mrs.Mankuhwar Bai
11 Bharti Nagalkar 29/05/1995 Mr.Ganesh Nagalkar Mrs.Santoshi Nagalkar
12 Darshan kaur Purwa 29/05/1977 Mr.Suvinder singh purba Mrs.Jasvinder kaur
13 Deepika Markam 20/05/1990 Mr.Uday singh markam Mrs.Veersena
14 Deepshikha Rajpoot 08/04/1992 Mr.Sukhdev s. Rajpoot Mrs.Geeta Rajpoot
15 Deepshikha Rathor 07/09/1990 Mr.Sumit Singh Rathore Mrs.Anuradha
16 Devaki  03/06/1994 Mr.Charan singh Mrs.Ramdulari
17 Dheerendra Ku. Upadhyay 21/09/1991 Mr.Ramesh prasad Mrs.krin
18 Dilpreet Kaur Bhalla 25/06/1988 Mr.Tej pratap s.Bhalla Mrs.Varinder kaur
19 Dilpreet Kaur Lamba 29/08/1995 Mr.Amarjeet s. Lamba Mrs.Kuldeep kaur
20 Disha Raghav 15/01/1992 Mr.Arvind Raghav Mrs.Bharti
21 Divya (Ahuja) Sial  28/10/1990 Mr.Romil Ahuja Mrs.Madhu Sial
22 Divya Baghel 05/09/1998 Mr.Mmar singh Mrs.Mamta
23 Hari Singh Thakur 20/12/1993 Mr.Ajay singh Thakur Mrs.Radha Thakur
24 Ila Shukla 17/11/1991 Mr.Mahendrer shukla Mrs.shakuntala
25 Ishneet Kaur Kohli 26/03/1995 Mr.Davinder s. kohli Mrs.Kulbir kaur kohli
26 Jitendra Kumar Prajapati 30/08/1986 Mr.Chhoganilal prajapati Mrs. Champee bai
27 Karampreet Bindra 13/08/1992 Mr.parviderjit  Bindra param jit kaur
28 Kavita Kori 26/12/1985 Mr.Amrat lal kori Mrs.Madhu kori
29 Keerti Maravi 18/09/1995 Mr.Indrakumar Mrs gyanwati
30 Kirti Choudhary 11/08/1998 Mr.Santosh ku. Soni Mrs.Sangeeta Soni
31 Kumud Mourya 13/12/1984 Late Mangal prasad Mrs.Laxmi Mourya
32 Kunika Kohli 20/02/1990 Mr. Rishi kohli Mr. suneeta 
33 Laxmi 21/07/1997 Mr. Gajendra singh Mrs.Leela bai
34 Laxmi Mishra 20/10/1994 Mr.V.P.Mishra Mrs.Saroj Mishra
35 Laxmi Thapa 14/05/1991 Mr.Manprasad thapa Mrs.Nansara
36 Mahendra  Singh Saiyam 05/06/1991 Mr.Dileep s. saiyam Sampatiya Bai
37 Malvika Dwivedi 24/05/1991 Mr.Kripendra Dwivedi Mrs.Ushakiran 
38 Manisha Inwati 19/10/1985 Mr.Parsadilal Mrs.Sara Inwati
39 Manisha Patel 11/11/1997 Mr.Kok Singh patel Mrs.Hemvati patel
40 Mona Dhanak 06/05/1997 Mr. Sohan Dhanka Mrs Chandrarani
41 Monika Arora 01/12/1993 Mr.Brij arora Mrs. Meena arora
42 Nanci Gupta 14/03/1997 Mr.Radhaballabh Mrs. Sarla Gupta
43 Neelu Dhurvey 15/03/1995 Mr.Surendra Dhurvey Mrs.Sushma Dhurvey
44 Neha Tiwari 13/07/1997 Mr. Rajesh Tiwari Mrs.Vishnukauti
45 Nidhi Singour 19/01/1995 Mr.Gorelal singour Mrs.Madhu Devi
46 Om Kumar 08/04/1988 Mr.Dulichand Dehariya Mrs.shanti bai
47 Pooja Garhewal 24/09/1984 Mr.kamlesh Garhewal Mrs sangeeta
48 Pooja Kushwaha 07/07/1991 Mr.Ramshry kushwaha Mrs.Manvati
49 Pooja Mishra 04/08/1990 Mr.Kshama kant mishra Mrs.Manorama
50 Pooja Rawate 27/03/1997 Mr.Mahendra Mrs.Laxmi
51 Pooja Shrivastava 07/01/1995 Mr. N.P.Shrivastava Mrs. Reeta Shrivastava
52 Prachi Khandelwal 16/07/1994 Mr. Anil Khandelwal Mrs.Archana
53 Pratibha Sahu 06/06/1990 Mr.Sharad kumar sahu Mrs Radha sahu
54 Pratibha Sharma 01/10/1998 Mr.C.B.Sharma Mrs.Anubala sharma
55 Preeti Shukla 15/02/1979 Mr.Murlidhar dubey Mrs.Sudha Dubey
56 Priyambika Jhariya 28/07/1997 Mr.Shankarlal Jhariya Mrs.Meena Jhariya
57 Priyanka Kumari 04/10/1994 Mr.Ajit singh Mrs.Sushma devi
58 Raksha Devi Singour 09/10/1995 Mr.Ramkumar singor Mrs.Ramadevi
59 Rashmi Chakrawarty 20/05/1992 Mr.Lalla Chakrawarty Chhotibai
60 Rashmi Sharma 05/06/1988 Mr.Kapilmuni sharma Sushila Devi
61 Reena Pyasi 02/02/1994 Mr.Mithlesh pyasi Mrs.Mamta pyasi
62 Renu Yadav 29/06/1990 Mr.Vikramjeet s. yadav Mrs.Madhuri
63 Ria Khokhar 21/04/1994 Mr.Palvinder s.khokhar Mrs.Narinder khokhar
64 Ritu Tiwari 22/07/1992 Mr.Ramakant Tiwari  
65 Rubi Singh Rajpoot 25/06/1991 Mr. Bakhat singh Mrs bhagwati singh
66 Sabhya Kurmi 30/07/1995 Mr.Lallulal kurmi Mrs.Pavitra
67 Sakshi Anand 16/06/1997 Mr.Shyam Anand Mrs. Savita anand
68 Sangita Uikey 31/12/1988 Mr.Dharam singh Mrs.Biriya
69 Sant Kumar Saiyam  15/07/1990 Mr.Dhannulal saiyam Mrs.Baijanti bai
70 Shaifali Sharma 04/12/1988 Mr.Chhagan lal sharma Mrs.Draupdi sharma
71 Shaista Khan 06/01/1998 Mo. Habeeb khan Mrs.Jatoon khan
72 Shameem Akhatar 09/05/1986 Mr.Sajyed shoukat ali Mrs.shahsahar bagam
73 Sheetal Rai 26/06/1987 Mr.Kailash Rai Mrs.Hemlata
74 Shikha Yadav 05/09/1998 Mr.Betulal yadav Mrs Munni yadav
75 Shivani Pandey 18/01/1996 Mr.Jayshankar pandey Mrs.Sheela devi
76 Shivani Sahu 07/06/1995 Mr. Ashok ku. Sahu Mrs.Indulata
77 Shivani Verma 01/03/1998 Mr.Hiralal Mrs.pushpa verma
78 Shivanjali Thakur 25/03/1986 Mr.Narayan prasad Mrs. Shyam Thakur
79 Shreya Dubey 10/06/1996 Mr.Basant kumar Dubey Mrs.Vandana
80 Shubha Shree Mishra 04/04/1997 Mr.Sunil Mishra Mrs.Anjana mishra
81 Shubhangi Vishwakarma 18/10/1997 Mr.Prakash vishwakarma  
82 Shweta Shrivastava 29/06/1985 Mr.Ankur shrivastava Mrs.Usha khare
83 Somya Vyas 22/02/1994 Mr.Shirish Vyas Mrs.sheela vyas
84 Sonal Upadhyay 27/01/1992 Mr.Sanjay upadhyay Mrs.Sushma
85 Sonali Khera 22/11/1996 Mr.Sanjeev khera Mrs.Nisha khera
86 Sonam Suryawanshi 14/08/1993 Mr.Shiv kumar lakhera Mrs.Archana lakhera
87 Sukhchain Uikey 07/07/1991 Mr.Mohanlal uikey Mrs.Mathabai uikey
88 Sumona Chakraborti 03/09/1985 Mr.Sujeet kumar Mrs.Sabita
89 Surekha Kumari 31/12/1993 Mr.Jajkumar  Mrs.Lalti devi
90 Sweta Namdeo 09/05/1990 Mr.Ramkripal Namdeo Mrs.Uma
91 Tripati Kushwaha 26/09/1991 Mr.Ashish kushwaha Mrs Asha 
92 Umesh Batti 08/04/1993 Mr.Imart singh batti Mrs.Batto bai
93 Urmila Goutam 02/12/1992 Mr.Inderlal goutam Mrs.Poonam
94 Vandana Maravi 11/05/1994 Mr.Rammu singh Maravi Mrs.Umabai
95 Wilson Sai Rahangdale 04/04/1996 Mr. Bhejanlal Mrs Meena
96 Yamini Rajpoot 23/08/1996 Mr.Kailash singh Mrs.kavita rajpoot
97 Yashoda Choudhary 20/11/1990 Mr.Mukundilal Mrs.China Bai
98 Yashwant Kumar Maravi 24/04/1993 Mr.Chetram Maravi Mrs.Anita Bai
99 Yogeshwari Tiwari 10/07/1997 Mr.Rajendra Tiwari Mrs.Anita Tiwari

 Second Year - Session  2018-19 

S.No. Student Name DOB (DD/MM/YYYY) Father Name Mother Name
1 Aarti Gurjar 18/05/1988 Murarilal Gurjar Devarati Gurjar
2 Abhilasha Maravi 11/04/1993 Jagdish Maravi Dulari
3 Abhishek Jhariya 23/05/1994 Sukhchain Jhariya Urmila Jhariya
4 Ajay Bagdee 06/07/1987 Devi Kant Bagdee Radha Rani
5 Anita Patel 02/07/1982 Jagdamba Prasad Kushwaha chhoti Bai Kushwaha
6 Ankita Kushram 31/07/1992 Virendra Kushram Shimla Kushram
7 Aparna Agrawal 28/10/1992 S.K. Agrawal Suman Agrawal
8 Aradhna Tiwari 23/01/1991 Ramesh Tiwari Nisha Tiwari
9 Archana Shukla 28/09/1977 H. G. Shukla Pushpa Shukla
10 Ashish Ku sahu 01/08/1994 Mannu Lal sahu Lokha Bai Sahu
11 Asmita Yadav 16/08/1981 Raghuval Dayal Yadav Aruna Yadav
12 Deepa Raikwar 22/10/1987 Loknath Raikwar Shobha Raikwar
13 Deepika Rai 03/05/1991 Narvdeshwar Rai Prembalika Rai
14 Deepshikha Chadar 19/07/1991 Brijlal Chadar Usha Chadar
15 Devendra Jhariya 27/12/1987 Nanhelal Jhariya Gyana Bai Jhariya 
16 Durga Sharma 13/09/1987 Laxman Sharma Ramawati Sharma
17 Gurjeet kaur 07/05/1990 Surender Singh Amarjeet Kaur
18 Gurpreet kaur kalsi 17/02/1983 Sarwan Singh Sandhu Savita Sandhu
19 Harpreet Kaur saggu 02/07/1982 Sohan Singh Saggu Harvinder Kaur 
20 Harshita Dubey 06/12/1990 Rajendra Kumar Dwivedi Mamta Dwivedi
21 Hemlata Patel 04/06/1995 Tikaram Patel Saraswati Patel
22 Kajal Dubey 05/08/1993 Shikishore Dubey Reeta Dubey
23 Kalpana Kosta 07/06/1987 J.P. Pareta Shakuntala
24 Kanchan Rajak 03/07/1994 Dashrath Prasad rajak Mona Rajak
25 Karuna Nidhi Choudhary 12/11/1988 Rikkhilal Choudhary Kavindra Kumar Ahirwar
26 Keerti Thakur 01/01/1995 B.S. Thakur Savitri Thakur
27 Madhumita Choubey 28/05/1992 Brijmohan Choubey Sarita Choubey
28 Manoj Kumar Sahu 18/02/1995 Chetram Sahu Jamuna Bai
29 Monica Kukkal 11/04/1988 Sanjay Chakrawarti Shashi Chakrawarti
30 Monika Nayak 06/12/1993 Siv Narayan Nayak Kamla Nayak
31 Monika Singour 16/08/1996 Narendra Singour Sadhna Bai Singour
32 Nandini Badal 19/08/1991 Avneesh Badal  Savita Badal
33 Nisha Yadav 13/03/1985 Narmada Prasad Sadhna Yadav
34 Norin Khan 04/02/1995 Abdul Hameed Khan Shafika Begam
35 Parvati Lodhi 10/04/1994 Sardar Bhagwati 
36 Parvati Vedi 12/03/1990 Santosh Ku Vedi Geeta
37 Pooja Mishra 21/10/1992 Chandrika Prasad Mishra Smita Mishra
38 Poonam Verma 21/07/1997 Kailash Chandra Verma Usha Verma
39 Pratibha Maravi 05/07/1995 Bharat Kumar Maravi Vimla Maravi
40 Poorva Bajaj 14/12/1990 Abhay Bajaj Neelam Bajaj
41 Prachi Dubey 28/06/1994 Devendra Kumar Dubey Manorama Dubey
42 Preeti meshram 08/07/1986 Omkant  Meshram Chandrakanta Meshram
43 Prerna Kourav 03/05/1993 Lakhan Lal Kourav Mamta Kourav
44 Priya Bharti patel 30/12/1990 Parvat Singh Tulsa
45 Priya Tiwari 09/06/1990 Rajendra Prasad Tiwari Rani Tiwari
46 Priyanka Das 09/02/1994 Ajay Das Meera Das
47 Priyanka Patel 11/10/1995 Pahup Singh Patel Saroj Bai
48 Priyanka Shivhare 24/04/1989 Kanhaiya Lal Shivhare Radha Shivhare
49 Pushpa 12/06/1995 Omkar Prakash kamre Devaki bai
50 Raghunandan Sharma 14/01/1992 Seetaram Sharma Indra Sharma
51 Ragini Shyam  05/02/1993 Shiv Kumar Shyam Phulvati Shyam 
52 Rajni Shilpkar 01/12/1979 Baburam Paras Meena Paras
53 Rakhi Tekam 07/12/1991 Jaypal Tekam Bhanvati Tekam
54 Raksha Singour 09/06/1995 Neelkanth singour Madhuri Singour
55 Ranjeeta Vishwakarma 22/11/1988 Ashok Kumar Vishwakarma Laxmi Vishwakarma
56 Ranu Dehariya 08/10/1991 Suresh Kumar Dehariya Rajkumari Dehariya
57 Rashmi Gautam 07/04/1992 Brajesh Gautam Asha Gautam
58 Rashmi Rajput 29/09/1994 Jeevan Singh Rajput Neelmani
59 Rekha Chadar 10/08/1994 Naval Prasad Sudama Bai
60 Rekha Mishra 14/01/1993 Bhairav Prasad Mishra Shakuntala Mishra
61 Ruchi Khatri 03/02/1992 Pankaj Kumar Khatri Vimmi Khatri
62 Sandhya Choudhary 01/07/1992 Dayaram Choudhary Sumat Rani
63 Sangeeta Mishra 25/08/1994 Ramakant Mishra Pramila Mishra
64 Santosh Kumar 06/06/1993 Bala p[rasad Munga bai
65 Sarika Tiwari 01/07/1982 Shravan Ku Shukla Sarita Shukla
66 Satendra Ku Prajapati 12/07/1993 Chhogni Lal Prajapati Champi Bai
67 Shabnam Ansari 10/06/1987 Gufran Ahmad Akhtari Begum
68 Sheetal Alag 20/03/1978 Jogender Singh Saluja Indujeet Kaur
69 Shiv Kumari Rai 03/01/1996 Sukhdev Rai Suneeta Rai
70 Shraddha hayaran 21/04/1987 Dhandra Tamrkar Saraswati tamrkar
71 Shraddha Rathour 24/09/1991 Dileep Rathour Saraswati Rathour
72 Shraddha Saiyam 22/04/1991 Bahadur Singh Saiyam Devki Bai
73 Shubhra Shukla 07/05/1993 Rakesh Kumar Shukla Jaya Shukla
74 Shweta Vishwakarma 16/01/1994 Beni Prasad Vishwakarma Munni Bai Vishwakarma
75 Sonali Golhani 06/12/1995 Krishana Kumar Golhani Vineeta Golhani
76 Subodh Kumar Nagesh 27/08/1994 Chammarlal Nagesh Anushuya Nagesh
77 Sujeet kumar kori 24/07/1992 Brij Bihari kori Laxmi Kori
78 Sulochena Paraste 23/05/1993 Rajkumar Paraste Mohlata Paraste
79 Supriya Vishwakarma 06/01/1983 Suresh Kumar Vishwakarma Snehlata
80 Surya Mishra 22/11/1993 Ramnaresh Mishra Uma Devi
81 Swati Rajput 26/11/1995 Ram Prakash Rajput Chandrashakhi Rajput
82 Triveni kashinath Ninave 26/02/1989 Kashinath Ninave Pushpa Kashinath Ninave
83 Varsha Bilthare 16/10/1986 Ramnath Dubey Rajni Bala Dubey
84 Vijya Koshti 10/06/1992 Lalit Koshta Manjulata Koshta
85 Vinod Rajak 12/10/1992 Neekal Singh Radha Bai

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>महाविद्यालय में सी.टी.ई.एफ. के सहयोग से दो दिवसीय कार्यशाला का आयोजन

>10वाॅं राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस समारोह के आयोजन

>कैरियर गाइडेंस कार्यक्रम के तहत बैंकिंग और इन्शुरेंस सैक्टर

>महिला पुलिस विभाग रेडकोर्ट द्वारा महिला जागरूकता एवं आत्मरक्षा कार्यक्रम का आयोजन

>श्री गुरु तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय सेमी फाइनल में प्रवेश

>श्री गुरु तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय में आई.सी.एम.आर. एवं इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ एप्लाइड स्टेटिसटिक्स

>श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर खालसा महाविदायलाय में पंडित जवारलाल नेहरू जी की 130 वी जयंती

>श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर खालसा महाविदयालय में अंतर महाविदयालय खो खो प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन

>श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय में अंतर महाविद्यालयीन में भाषण प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन

> महाविद्यालय मे दीपावली मिलन समारोह का आयोजन

>On the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti Mr Mahendra Sayyam has got First Position in Painting Competition

> महाविद्यलय मे गांधी जी की 150 जयंती

> श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय की छात्रा को कु. वर्तिका पांडेय ने प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त कि

>श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय की एन.एस.एस. इकाई द्वारा राष्ट्रीय सेवा योजना दिवस का आयोज

>श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय में सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोण से लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति पर व्याख्

>श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय में स्वच्छ भारत मिशन के अंतर्गत स्वच्छता अभियान

>श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय, IQAC के तत्वाधान में फेकल्टी डेवलपमेंट प्रोग्राम का आयोजन

>श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय, में विद्यार्थियों के लिये व्यक्तित्व विकास के कार्यक्र

>श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय में हिंदी दिवस

>श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय, में शिक्षक दिवस पर कार्यक्रम का आयोजन

>Certificate Course Award Ceremony 22-06-2019

>International Yoga Day 21-06-2019

>15 Days Certificate Course on Arts & Crtafs

>Three days Workshop on Arts and Crafts on 28-05-2019

>• मैराथन 2k19 go run live long दौड़ का आयोजन किया गया -- 12-05-2019

>• डाॅ. के.एल.जैन अभिनंदन एवं मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान -- 26-04-2019

>• श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर जी का प्रकाश पर्व -- 24-04-2019

>• राज्य स्तरीय सब जूनियर बालिका हैण्डबॉल प्रतियोगिता -- 03-04-2019

>• नेताजी सुभाष क्लब ,श्रीनाथ की तलैया में 28 वी राज्य स्तरीय स्ट्रेंग्थ लिफ्टिंग एवं इनक्लाइन बें

>• महिला दिवस कार्यक्रम का आयोजन -- 08-03-2019

>• राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस समारोह -- 28.02.2019

>• जिला स्ट्रेंग्थ लिफ्टिंग संघ और रोबिन हेल्थ क्लब के संयुक्त तत्वाधान में अधारताल में आयोजित ज

>• भाई त्रिलोचन सिंह जी (दिल्ली वाले ) द्वारा अरदास करायी गयी -- 25-02-2019

>• जम्मू कश्मीर के पुलवामा सेक्टर में हुये आतंकवादी हमलो में शहीद सेना के जवानों को महाविद्यालय म

>• बसंत पंचमी समारोह -- 10-02-2019

>• Simplex Engineering Company " मदन महल नागपुर es ’kS{kf.kd Hkze.k -- 01-02-2019

>• मधनिषेध संकल्प दिवस का आयोजन -- 31-01-2019

>• माननीय प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी का कार्यक्रम “परीक्षा पे चर्चा2.0” कार्यक्रम -- 29-01-2019

>• 70 वां गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह -- 26-01-2019

>• मार्गदर्शन में मतदाता जागरूकता रैली -- 25-01-2019

>• एलुमिनाई मीट का आयोजन -- 25-01-2019

>• बायोसाइंस के विद्यार्थियों के लिए स्टेट फारेस्ट रिसर्च इंस्टिट्यूट पोलीपाथर में एकदिवसीय शै

>• ‘‘ध्यान के माध्यम से तनाव कम करना’’ का आयोजन -- 17-01-2019

>• राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस के कार्यक्रम का आयोजन 16-01-2019

>• लोहड़ी उत्सव -- 13-01-2019

>• स्वामी श्री विवेकानंद जी के जन्म दिवस के अवसर पर "राष्ट्रीय युवा दिवस" का आयोजन -- 12-01-2019

>• वार्षिक खेल-कूद प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन -- 10-01-2019

>• श्री गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जयंती के पावन अवसर -- 07-01-2019

>• स्वच्छता मंच २०१९ -- 29-12-2018

>• निशुल्क दंत चिकित्सा शिविर का आयोजन -- 28-12-2018

>• "महिलाओं की संवैधानिक और विधिक अधिकारों की जानकारी -- 20-12-2018

>• स्वच्छता सर्वेक्षण 2019 -- 20-12-2018

>• साइबर सिक्यूरिटी (सुरक्षा) पर कार्यशाला -- 13-12-2018

>• श्री गुरु तेग़ बहादुर जी का शहीदी दिवस -- 12-12-2018

>• Botanical Garden के लिए Medicinal Plant का वृक्षारोपण किया गया -- 05-12-2018

>• श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा महाविद्यालय में लाइफ स्किल पर व्याख्यान -- 01-12-2018

>• Faculty Development Program in Entrepreneurship -- 01-12-2018

>• मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान के अंतर्गत -- 14-11-2018

>• बी.एड़ संकाय में रांगोली प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन -- 03-11-2018

>भारतीय जीवन बीमा निगम के सौजन्य से सतर्कता जागरूकता सप्ताह के अन्तर्गत "भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ नया भा

>• Dr. S.J Dhoble Professor RTM University, Nagpur के द्वारा रिसर्च और इनोवेशन -- 31-10-2018

>• रैली के द्वारा मतदाता जागरूकता मशाल महाविद्यालय -- 27-10-2018

>• ‘निर्भर नहीं निडर’ कार्यक्रम का आयोजन -- 26-10-2018

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>• "छात्र - छात्राओं के भविष्य निर्माण" में "नेशनल सर्विस पोर्टल (NCS)" -- 31-07-2018

>• अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस पर योगाभ्यास कार्यक्रम का आयोजन -- 21-06-2018

>• Vedic Mathematics The National Workshop -- 12-05-2018 • "जॉब फेयर" का आयोजन -- 11-06-2018

>• "वैदिक गणित" विषय पर एक कार्यशाला का आयोजन -- 30-04-2018

>• प्रथम अंतरराष्ट्रीय जर्नल "Khalsa International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science, Humanities, Managment, Education & Technology -- 18-04-2018

>• श्री गुरू तेग बहादुर खालसा जी का प्रकाश पर्व -- 07-04-2018

>• "अभिभावक-शिक्षक संवाद" का आयोजन -- 21-03-2018

>• "सर स्टीफेन विलियम हाकिंग" के आकस्मिक निधन पर महाविद्यालय में शोक सभा -- 15-03-2018

>• "वार्षिक स्नेह सम्मेलन 08 मार्च 2018" का आयोजन -- 08-03-2018

>• "राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस 28 फरवरी 2018" का आयोजन -- 28-02-2018

>•"महिला सम्मान सुरक्षा" विषय पर कार्यक्रम का आयोजन -- 27-02-2018

>• माननीय प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी के द्वारा "परीक्षा के समय दबाव को कैसे नियंत्रित करें"

>• काजल गुप्ता ने "8th Hockey India Senior National Championship 2018 -- 15-02-2018

>वार्षिक खेल-कूद प्रतियोगिता आयोजन --10-02-2018

>• अंतरराष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी-सांस्कृतिक राष्ट्रवाद और भारतीय भाषाएँ" का आयोजन -- 08-02-2018

>• नगर निगम के सहयोग से स्वच्छता मिशन 27-01-2018

>• 69 वां गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह 26-01-2018

>• बसन्त पंचमी के अवसर के पर आयोजन -- 22-01-2018

>• स्वामी विवेकानंद जी के जीवन चरित्र पर व्याख्यान -- 16-01-2018

>• लोहड़ी महोत्सव -- 13-01-2018

>• स्वामी श्री विवेकानंद जी जयंती -- 12-01-2018

>• नववर्ष पर ईश्वर की आराधना -- 01-01-2018

>National Seminar On Cyber Security & Cyber Laws" 07-12.2017

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