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Department of Bio-Science

Overview :

Academics :

The department has 5 undergraduate majors leading to the bachelor of science degree :

Dept. of Botany

            Dept. of Zoology

            Dept. of Chemistry

            Dept. of Biotechnology

            Dept. of Microbiology

in addition ,we offer an M.Sc degree in Biotechnology.

List of Faculty Members :

Mrs. Shikha Parasher              Dept. of Botany

Dr. Savita Tiwari                     Dept. of Botany

Dr. Harshita Shukla                Dept. of Biotechnology

Dr. Saurabh Gupta                  Dept. of Biotechnology

Mr. Asif Baig                          Dept. of Microbiology

Mrs. Prachi Khare                   Dept. of Chemistry

Mrs. Monika Tripathi              Dept. of Chemistry

Mrs. Manju Pandey                 Dept. of Zoology

Mrs. Sangeeta Shrivastava      Dept. of Zoology                   

It is our goal that every student who passed through our department will emerge with the knowledge and skills to achieve his or her career goals.